SWOT Analysis



·         Eliminates transitional housing

·         Low cost solution compared to other alternatives like building new dorms

·         New jobs on campus

·         Makes use of wasted space

·         Increases student capacity

·         Decreases amount wait-listed students



·         Costly to do renovation

·         Some buildings are unsuitable for dorms

·         Possible need to hire a larger staff

·         More planning needed for fair room assignments

·         More planning needed on how to allocate a larger group of incoming students

·         Crowded lecture halls and classrooms



·         More students may choose to live on campus

·         Increased revenue from room and board

·         More student freedom for choice of living area

·         Higher acceptance rate

·         More students choose to go to MSU for the “new” dorms

·         Students are more comfortable



·         Opposition from students who want the old dorms

·         Isolation of students from other amenities like cafeterias

·         Students might be unsatisfied with the dorms and leave campus

·         Other universities that already have no transitional housing

·         Overpopulated sections of campus

·         Competition from new off-campus apartments